Conserving the Wetlands of Louisiana

In years past, areas that were mostly wetlands in Louisiana and all around the world have been destroyed completely because they were seen as not being valuable for anything.  They were often completely drained then built upon, with homes, businesses, and roadways put in their place over time.  These days, we now realize that many species of plants and animals depend on the wetlands.  They also help to protect us from flooding and wind.  By destroying the wetlands, we have been suffering from the effects of it.

wetlandsplane1In the early 1970’s, efforts to help protect the wetlands began and are still going today.  More than ever before, the efforts are being backed, thanks to the educational materials that are now available that teach the benefits of the wetlands and their necessity to the animals. More and more people are interested in doing their part to help protect the environment for the future generations also.

In the state of Louisiana, where there are large areas of wetlands, a lot of effort has been put forth to protect them.  Oftentimes, travel is done in these places using watercraft.  This is an excellent way to travel through the wetlands and to benefit society at the same time.  Watercraft is also good for the environment, as they don’t harm the natural environment that the plants and animals there depend on.

Protecting the wetlands falls is done under the Clean Water Act in the United States.  Protection is usually dictated by the US Fish & Wildlife Services.  This service does continual research on the hydric soil that the vegetation in the wetlands depends on.  Also, they set up boundaries within the wetlands to determine where they start and where they end.  Signs are usually placed to make it easier for people to determine when they are in the right areas for fishing and boating.

Even though there are many programs in place that help promote protection of wetlands, it doesn’t always work.  Many times, developers are more concerned with making profits over taking care of the environment, so the wetlands suffer. Continuing awareness of the issues is an important part of wetland conservation in Louisiana and elsewhere.

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