Trout Fishing in Louisiana

Tp1457974659rout fishing is a big sport in Louisiana.  With the Mississippi River running through the state, there is ample opportunity to fill your freezer with these crafty fish.  The habitat that is native to trout is dependent on the type of trout you are fishing for.

The native habitat of the brook trout is from Labrador and wet towards the Saskatchewan.  On the other hand, the native areas of the rainbow trout is on the Pacific border from California to Alaska.

Brown trout, though, are in the waters of every state in the US except for Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Texas, and Oklahoma.  On occasion, there will be brown trout reported in the waters of these states, but no authentic reports have been recorded by conservation officials.

When trout fishing in Louisiana, there are several factors you will need to consider to have a good catch of trout.

  1.  The leader should never be greased for trout fishing.  The leader will not sink enough into the water to cause any problems when lifting the line and the lure from the water.  If it is permitted to float, though, it will cast a shadow on the stream bottom, potentially scaring the trout.
  2. Trout is one of the few fish that is usually caught by using a dry fly.  When fishing for trout, you should use the current of the water and the pools to fish in.  Occasionally, it may be hard to keep the fly from dragging or sinking because of the water conditions, but the angler will need to work and figure it out.
  3. It is not considered a good practice to fish directly upstream when fishing for trout so that the fly, line, and leader will drift over the fish.  Instead, you should cast from the side of the stream so that the fly alone will float over top the trout.
  4. Do your best to make the first cast a great one.  A trout that is feeding will typically strike at the first lure that is cast to float over where he is hiding.  The best idea is to fish on the lower end of the pool first, even if the trout are active in the middle or upper end of the pool.
  5. Many times, trout can be moody or very selective.  This may try your patience.  Try a fly that is basic first, then move towards trying out spent-wing flies or even a fan wing fly.

Catching trout in Louisiana can be a very fun hobby.  Just keep these tips in mind next time you go out to help you have a fun, successful catch!

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